April 8, 2020

Passe Avant Minuit

Rosemarie Auberson has collaborated with ceramic artist Juliette Teste to produce a collection of ceramic pieces titled Passe Avant Minuit, exhibited at 0fr Gallery, Paris in November 2019. Adopting a mindset of open experimentation, free from any imposed direction or meaning, the partnership resulted in a playful process of creation, with Auberson painting on the ceramic forms created by Teste.

“I could not predict how the colours on the enamel would react during the firing of the pieces,” says Auberson, “which was interesting for me because my painting on canvas is always an attempt to realise something fairly specific that I want to see. This experience was free and joyful for both myself and Juliette. We opened ourselves to the possibility of how our work could develop with other techniques and dynamics. The result was a series of unexpected pieces, free from judgement and imposed limits. It was as if I was starting from scratch, creating anew for the first time.”


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  • 03.03.22

    Movement of Impermanence by Rosemarie Auberson

    Rosemarie Auberson’s paintings sometimes, but not necessarily, arise from the observation of images, photographs or film stills brought to a form of abstraction. These references are not the main subjects, but rather starting points that facilitate the development of the paintings. "I try to evoke the feeling that something is in progress,” says Auberson. “The materials used are not precious (wood panels, cardboard) and the paintings are reworked many times before their final version. What interests me is the movement between something finished and unfinished — like an image seen furtively and then appropriated by the memory. It's an attempt to capture impermanence."

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  • 10.24.19


    Fragments is a collaboration between psychologist Zoe Valentin and artist Rosemarie Auberson. The book is inspired by Valentin’s time working at a care facility in Seine-Saint-Denis, in suburban Paris, with displaced foreign young adults.

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