December 17, 2023

Cosmic Garden x Francis Gallery

Winter solstice workshop at Francis Gallery Los Angeles

An annual astronomical event, Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. It symbolizes death and rebirth, and thus, new beginnings. As the gradual waning of daylight hours is reversed and begins to grow again, we set intentions and goals, bringing them to fruition in the months to come. Also known as Hibernal Solstice, this is an ideal moment for rest and reflection. The work of Paul Philp and Woo Byoung Yun contemplates on these themes; their practice has time — and particularly empty time — baked into it. Working in ceramic and plaster respectively, the artists’ materials impose periods of rest and inaction upon the creator.

In celebration of our winter show, The Sun Stands Still: A Group Exhibition by Paul Philp & Woo Byoung Yun, we partnered with Minkyu Lee of Cosmic Garden to host a Winter Solstice workshop at our LA gallery.

Winter solstice workshop at Francis Gallery Los Angeles

Cosmic Garden

Minkyu Lee is an Astrologer and Human Design analyst, who’s practice is informed by his creative life as a filmmaker and artist. After years of immersing in the study of Traditional Astrology and Human Design, and witnessing their powerful illuminating capacity for alignment and fulfillment, Minkyu created Cosmic Garden, an Astrology and Human Design consultancy. His focus is helping individuals and collectives navigate and find true purpose, direction, and success amidst current changing paradigms using these modalities.

Woo Byoung Yun installation view


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