Bath Gallery

Grace Watts: Evolution ImpressionFeb 15 – Apr 27, 2024

XXXI (2023) & An Ode (2023)

Artist Statement: This collection of paintings is inspired by historic writings on spiritual growth and how an individual can develop a true perception of oneself in the universe. I find Hilma af Klint’s notes on her process hugely inspiring: my understanding of her work is that it was a creative reflection of the movement of her mind. My intention with my own mark making is to create powerful visual expressions that convey a similar internal energy. My use of the colour white illustrates this: from hazy expressions to purposeful directional movement, they translate as clouds of the mind moving across the canvas.

This directional aspect is key for me. My work is related to the act of moving forward and evolving. Rather than using the spiral symbols that my earlier works explored, in this collection, I have emphasised linear markings to convey this unerring movement. There is subtle intratextual symbolism present in the canvases: words are added and partially erased or masked by further layers as an ever evolving palimpsest. In this way, I hope not to communicate too directly to the viewer, and allow space for their own thoughts and feelings to come to the surface.

A note, Beauty and Love (2023) & Technē (2023)
Act V (2023)

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Grace Watts creates dynamic compositions in oil, acrylic and graphite on canvas. Her pieces are inspired by a philosophy of self evolution, and many begin with a period of focused research into philosophical texts.