JAMESPLUMB is a creative studio founded by artists James Russell and Hannah Plumb. They produce the vast majority of their work in their studio and workshop in the Shropshire Hills, creating objects and environments. With a focus on the act of making, they are concerned with not just aesthetics, but how an object or environment will feel to use and inhabit. Objects include sculptures, furniture, and fine art installations; environments encompass interiors, events, or architectural design, and creative direction. Their projects often involve both these areas, and can be commercial or residential, permanent or impermanent – a home, a retail space, a one-room hotel, a one-off event.

For Russell and Plumb, the distinction between art and design is blurred and interchangeable, both in their own work and in their perception of the world. A table becomes an artwork, or a sculpture becomes a chair. An art installation is designed to be inhabited, and an interior is approached as an artwork. Bound to no set discipline, they are less about how to define their work than with what it adds to the sensation of the world around it. Their conceptual frameworks unfold through the physical investigation of materials and processes, with the artists learning and adapting skills according to the specific needs of each project. Consequently, their workshop is versatile and continuously evolving.

'(OF) BATH, MMXXII' installation view

We are less about how to define the work, than with what it adds to the sensation of the world around it.