Dot Wade

Dot Wade is a British abstract artist who grew up in Cornwall. After several years living and working in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, she now resides on the edge of Bodmin Moor in an old Cornish cottage, the granite dug from the quarry just a stone's throw away.

Dot's distinctive approach to painting embodies structural compositions and a reductive palette, searching for a place of stillness and meditation. The drive to simplify is strong and reflects her belief in a spiritual and minimal approach to life. Dot believes all landscapes inform the artist's work. This includes intellectual landscapes formed from the books we read, our emotions, and our politics. In her work there is no pictorial evidence to be found; with the possible exception of the colors: bracken, slate, granite, and the ever-changing sky of the moor.

Dot studied art and art history at Falmouth School of Art, Dartington College of Art, and Oxford Polytechnic. Widely exhibited, her work can be found in collections in the UK, the USA, and Europe.

Tacet, installation view

Painting is my primary focus and stabilising force... I want the work to be the base note, the ground beneath your feet, and the silence written into a musical score.